The Lively kernel

I've been playing a little with the Sunlabs Lively Kernel, which permits rich web development without needing any HTML or CSS. My intention is to rewrite something like the Universal Client browser on a richer graphics platform than was available with Java JSR-62. Toward that end, I started writing a layout manager GridLayout.js that uses the same layout policies as the grid geometry manager I wrote for TK, but I keep getting distracted by projects.

I did use Lively to write a "dial" VOIP telephone*

You place phone calls by rotating the dial with the mouse. The dial is rendered as a translucent SVG path, which is generated by creating Lively javascript curve objects. The phone uses the IAX VOIP protocol to communicate with our Asterisk phone system.
* I'll have a working version here when I can update the phone to use the current version of Lively.